UC Typing Bureau

UC Typing Bureau is a professional service outfit that offers typing, proofreading, editing, and transcription services.

Since 2016, we have provided our clients with excellent results from the list of services we provide within Nigeria and overseas.

Our personnel, drawn from both local and international pool, are professionals in different fields, ranging from law to medicine.

We believe in accuracy and delivery. Each section of work edited is sent back to the customer online and upon final approval, delivered in an acceptable digital format for printing.

We Offer

Transcription Services

Verbatim (V)

This captures every spoken word, (including every ‘ahem,’ ‘oh,’ ‘uh…’ and expression of that sort). It typically contains any repeated words and a description of the background noise, if any.

Clean Editing (CE)

This includes the removal of irrelevant expressions while preserving the original form, context, and thought articulated from the transcribed speech.

Full Editing (FE)

This includes full editing and modification of sentences to convey the speaker’s line of thought in proper grammar and style, with two sample cover pages.

Editing Services

Typing and Proofreading (TP)

Scanned or hardcopy manuscripts are received, typed and proofread for errors in spelling and grammar. In addition, sentence structure and verb tenses are corrected.

Typing, Proofreading, and Editing (TPE)

Under this category, in addition to typing and proofreading, flow, style and additional content revisions are suggested, in line with English grammar style guides.

Proofreading and Editing (PE)

We receive typed documents in softcopy for this category of services. Exact costs vary based on our overview of the document(s) in question. Based on our estimates, we communicate the price to the client before we start editing.

Other Services

Printing (P)

On demand, we offer greyscale laser-jet print-out on plain bond paper, coloured printouts, glossy or matte paper prints, diagrams, and any other specific type of print job, charged per project.

Research (R)

We carry out detailed online searches for material most relevant to different assignment topics, and results are sent to our customers either via web-links, as document files, or printed out and delivered.

Formatting and Publishing (FP)

Formatting of completed work, printing, ISBN numbering, graphic design, colouring, binding, etc.

Ghost-Writing (GW)

This category of services features assisted and collaborative writing with suggestions and active input on content, style, and more. We organize interactive sessions to aid writers produce the best work possible. This service is limited to non-academic writing only, such as fiction, articles, and such like, where another may be safely acknowledged as a co-author, (although UC Typing Bureau does not demand acknowledgement in any such co-authoring projects). We do not ‘co-author’ content for academic work.