UCTB Transcriptions

UC Typing Bureau is a professional service outfit that offers typing, proofreading, editing, and transcription services.

Since 2016, we have provided our clients with excellent results from the list of services we provide within Nigeria and overseas.

Our personnel, drawn from both local and international pool, are professionals in different fields, ranging from law to medicine.

We believe in accuracy and delivery. Each section of work edited is sent back to the customer online and upon final approval, delivered in an acceptable digital format for printing.


In-house transcribers, no matter how good they are, can only do so much
work within a limited time frame.
With an extensive network of workers,
UCTB often achieves impossibly large tasks in record time.

As a full time employee, in-house transcribers incur expenses (wages)
whether or not there is a job to do.
UCTB is available to cater to only
your transcription needs at low rates per job.

In the unavoidable absence of employed transcribers, who often double
as secretaries or staff, transcription jobs must wait and delay can be
UCTB is available to serve round the clock and all year long.

A personal transcriber, depending on training, may have little or no
specialization in an area of study and this makes for faulty transcripts
occasioned by ignorance.
UCTB has a cross section of personnel with
knowledge in varied disciplines which are assigned according to the
focus of the transcript.

Leaked documents come to public light in the highest of offices, all the
time, worldwide.
UCTB, due to its strong legal base, deems every job a
private contract guided by confidentiality rules with all its clients. This
gives no room for any documents to be exposed to any third parties.

In summary, in-house transcribers cannot provide the speed, versatility,
excellence, efficiency, and confidentiality, which the UCTB Team achieves.

Verbatim (V)

This captures every spoken word, (including every ‘ahem,’
‘oh,’ ‘uh…’ and expression of that sort). It typically contains any repeated
words and a description of the background noise, if any.

Clean Editing (CE)

This includes the removal of irrelevant expressions
while preserving the original form, context, and thought articulated from
the transcribed speech.

Full Editing (FE)

This includes full editing and modification of sentences
to convey the speaker’s line of thought in proper grammar and style, with
two sample cover pages.

Audio Cases

Legal Transcriptions

Court hearings, arbitration proceedings, etc.

Academic Transcriptions

Lectures, research, conferences and seminars, dissertations, documentaries, interviews, focus group studies, etc.

Video/Audio Transcriptions

Face-to-face and telephonic interviews, or voice recordings for autobiographies, memoirs, novels, sermons, etc.

Corporate Transcriptions

Seminars, conferences, trainings and lectures, market research, and more.

Conference Transcriptions

Web-based meetings, speeches, phone conferences, etc.

Government Transcriptions

Meetings, inquiries, legislative sessions, etc.


You can choose the preferred format for your transcript. We offer three free timestamps on each job you give us, but you will be charged for additional timestamps



A timestamp is an indication of the time or dating used to identify the time range or point of occurrence of an event in the transcription. Timestamps make for easy reference, and thus are very useful for interviews, court or arbitration proceedings, documentaries, business meetings, etc. They can be included at intervals of minutes, hours, or days (depending on the customer’s directives). However, we recommend that timestamps be included every ten minutes.


After your audio or video is submitted for transcription via email, social media or a memory device, we commence multiple levels of document processing with our relevant staff. When the job is completed, a notification will be sent to your email or any other online address provided with the text file attached, in a watermarked PDF format. On completion of payment, a clean Word Document version is sent promptly.