Hi! My name is Tomi Arayomi, and I want to thank all of you, (our precious viewers), for continuing to trust RIG Nation as one of many credible places to hear the voice of God. As we approach the entrance into a new year, it is only fitting that I spend time to hear God’s voice for you during this 2021 season. This war has been a trying one for me, because I feel so strongly the outcome has changed dramatically based on the seeds we’ve sown, actions we took, or failed to take in 2020 as the Body of Christ; one of which is based on the scripture that, ‘You have called good, evil, and evil, good; traded sweet for bitter, and bitter for sweet; light for darkness, and darkness for light’ (Isaiah 5:20).

I’ve never felt the displeasure of God so mixed with hope and compassion as I have during the preparation of this word. I prefaced this word by saying, ‘We behold in part, we see in part’. None of us will ever have a whole picture no matter how advanced we are in the prophetic. It is or so– it should be our hope that you, our precious viewers, take a collation from trusted prophetic voices from around the world and weigh each one; but much more build a tapestry where each part forms a greater picture of the whole. I believe that is how we become faithful stewards of the prophetic.

We (prophets) are not prognosticators; we’re not partisans, and we’re not politicians; although we may speak into these areas. Our part is to hear God’s voice; your part is to trust the prophets and to agree, should there be a need to, once weighed. According to Amos 3:3, it says, Can two walk together unless they be agreed?’ My hope is that if you were a passive listener last year, that by now, you will see what is already come to pass and become an active listener. If you were an active listener last year – you’ll become an active doer of the word, partnering with this prophecy and many others to do your part in God’s plan for the nations. So, here is what the Lord has said to me for 2021.



On the 27th of December, 2020, I was in my bed around 11pm; the Lord spoke to me in a still small voice whilst I was casually watching a TV series. He said, ‘Son, do you want to know what I am doing right now?’ I immediately turned off my iPad and said, ‘Yes Lord!’ As soon as I closed my eyes, I reclined in my pillow. I was in the midnight sky, hovering over a country surrounded by water; Jesus stood in the sky with me over this city. I said, ‘Lord, where are we?’ The Lord responded immediately, ‘We are in Luxembourg’. The Lord placed me on the ground of this country, (this city), and immediately, I was with the Lord in a warehouse laboratory. There I saw the words, ‘Biotech’. I’ve never been to Luxembourg before but I saw massive conventions involving biotech, artificial intelligence, and projections that looked almost Sci-fi-like. I asked the Lord what He was showing me, and He said:

This is the future model that the sons of men will look to build for in 2021, in the next 9 years. Look to Luxembourg, for many meetings and conventions will happen from this place, and many elites shall conspire from here, the new smart cities’.

The Lord says, ‘Can I raise a praying army in Luxembourg? For this cause, men shall succeed but I will expose the tax haven, the data haven, and the European Union from this place. Exposure slows down, exposure gives more time, exposure does not stop’, says the Lord, ‘For I will expose where laws can be circumvented regarding data restrictions, DNA restrictions and tax evasions. From Luxembourg shall arise convocations on nuclear energy for the world, biotech, synthesis and data banks, internet of things, genetic hacking. Many will build a prototype of smart cities that will be duplicated across nations. There will be the acceleration of tech, biosynthesis and the bold move to redesign the world’.


The Bible says, ‘Woe to you inhabitants of the earth, for your enemy has come with great wrath, because he knows his time is short’. In 2021, you will see the fulfillment of this verse. The Lord says, The clock is now reversed; and before, where I put you in a count-up, you are now in a countdown. You have nine years, but nine years will be as 9 months; and 9 months will be as 9 minutes, for an acceleration of darkness is on the horizon. And not because it needed to be so, but because my church was double minded, and as the scripture says, “– unstable in her ways”. I declared in 2020, “Choose who you will serve; and your Absaloms will release, and they cause you to wander and follow men, not knowing their true cause. I am now counting down. You have 9 years – and things will happen so fast that 9 years will feel as 9 months, and 9 months as 9 minutes”’.

The Lord says,’ This will be a time to redeem, not a time to wait; for an ecclesia will arise and her new measurement of success will not be attendance, but persecution; not numbers, but disciples’.


I saw an ovation; I saw leaders being crowned as kings. The Lord says:

‘2021 will be the year where Prime Ministers become Presidents, and Presidents become Kings’.

Although this did not seem literal, and it was not supposed to happen so quick, it will now be quickened. Powers will be increased and small governments will become bigger. Leaders of nations will give themselves longer tenure, and some even life-time tenure. Many will say, ‘But I did not choose Absalom’. And the Lord says, ‘I will say to you – Oh Moses, do not be angry, that I caused you to wander with a stiff-necked people. If you will keep your hearts steady, I will cause your eyes to see your good in the end. Nations will conspire, they will collude together to use fears as a backdrop for more power. This push has a conclusion, for there will be those who will move in a spirit of delusion, for I have given it to them’, says the Lord.

‘I have allowed for a spirit of delusion and it will drive them to actions that they had planned in secret. There will be an emboldening of nations to act on behalf of the people, and a trade-off of fear beyond covid, for policies that will cause nations to surrender their freedom. They will say, “This is not democracy, this is despotism!” And I will say, “You have sown the wind, and now you will reap the whirlwind”‘.


A false alarm will become a real one and a real one, a false one’, says the Lord. ‘Prepare for the new threat! The talking-heads will chant in unison, “We must preserve the planet, extinction is on the horizon. We must face the global threat of extinction; a hurricane here, a flood there!” They will call forth the new pandemic– the planet. They will say, “The planet, give us power, and we will act to save the planet”, but although the earth will shake in birth pangs, it will not be destroyed until I create a new heaven and a new earth’, says the Lord.


The Lord started to speak to me about the RIG nation studio, reminding me of how expensive it will be to sound proof it. First, I was angry and said, ‘Lord, why are you talking to me about soundproofing when I’m asking you about the nations?’ And then the Lord quickly rebuked me, and I quickly repented. And the Lord said:

‘I am soundproofing my Church. I am separating the noises from the voices, says the Lord. This will be the time for the fine-tuning of my bride to release the sound of distinction. There will be a difference between the notes and the vibration; and a variation so clear, that it will cause those guardians of the old to persecute what I am doing. They will say, “Look how the devil is manifesting among this clear sound. Look how they have become political; look how they have fallen away and become worldly”. For the persecution you will say is external, I will declare, “The one who eats from your bowl, who breaks bread with you, will rise against you, because the notes are different”. They will say, “The sound is off. What are they playing, and why are they playing it in the marketplace?” Then the Lord will say, “I will say to them, I no longer want them in the Church alone, for these I have preserved for the marketplace. And they will no longer play the dirge, and you refuse to mourn, nor will they (inaudible 10:23) to the flutes and you refuse to dance. They will be proved right by their results, not by their method”‘.


2021 shall be a year of a race to compete with China over DNA and genetic manipulation; much like the space race between Russia and USA. You will see nations drop their ethics code to allow man to carry out testing upon humanity; some of it, in the name of good, others – in the vain of good. Your eyes will say, ‘How did we let this happen so quickly?’ But the Lord says:

‘There will be those nations who will compete with China; and what was unacceptable before, in the name of good, will become acceptable. Science will smile as funding develops, not just for vaccines, but for evolution of mankind; and people will awake, as if from a bad science fiction dream. But the birthings of it shall be as real and unstoppable’.

The Lord says, “I will raise up the righteousness within the sciences; and there will be those who I will hold to an ethical standard. And I will promote discoveries and sciences and release breakthroughs; where finances were tight before, they shall be loosened. Tech and government shall invest, and righteous ones shall arise in new fields of thrombosed detection, thymus research, pain research, cancer research, and the like. I will let men know things within their time, but also without their time’.


‘In 2021, I will command the clashing of the swords. Some will be prepared; others will feel as though suddenly, the swords have clashed. Many shall fall and many shall rise. The band-aid, I will no longer pull off slow, but I will tear off suddenly. Swords will clash– for a fight you failed to bring to the gates of hell, I will bring to your doorsteps, oh shepherds. For you who said, “Do not engage, safety first”, I will declare, “Safety third! Engage, pursue, overtake and recover all! Come to the gate, stand at the entrance, and at the mouth of the caves; for she has knocked down spewing out her foul spirits”. For where you have said to my sheep, “Safety first”, I will declare, “Safety third! Strength first, courage second, safety third!” The Sauls will cry, “They are not ready! These have not mastered the blade!” But the Lord says, “A generation will rise, whose passion will be mistaken for pride, and whose iliads will try to force them back into youthful folly; but I will let their results speak. I will no longer let the shouts of Goliath come into my ear. I will let them draw first blood. For these warriors will come as tiny challengers against the Giants: the tech giants, the media giants, entertainment giants, science giants… And they will win, not by power, but because they know my covenant against the uncircumcised”’.


‘Declare a constitutional crisis, not just of state, but for my bride; for she does not believe her prophets anymore. They have grown weary of them and have said, “How these prophets have become politicians”’.

The Lord declares this word against you, ‘Did I not declare an 11-day journey from Egypt to Canaan? Did I not say, “Today if you will hear my voice, harden not your heart?” I declare to a nation of light (14:34) to trust me, for I could work out for good what the enemy worked for harm. 2021 shall be a year where you shall see the lengthening of the journey but the shortening of the time. For I am not counting up, I’m counting down. For I did not lay before you, Trump vs. Biden. I did not lay before you, Brexit vs. Remain. I did not lay before you, Vac. vs. Antivac.; neither did I lay before you, black vs. white. A divider has done this! A divider has known that a kingdom divided cannot stand. I allowed the divider to know what was in your hearts. I brought you to a valley of decision, and the division that I make before you is life and death’.

The Lord says, “Why, oh Church, have you traded good for evil? Why have you traded evil for good? Why have we traded light for darkness, and darkness for light? Why have we traded sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet? In doing so’, the Lord says, ‘we have grieved the Holy Spirit’. And the Lord says, ‘I am against the shepherds, who have healed my people slightly saying, “Peace”, where there is no peace’.

And the Lord says, ‘I will separate in this season, the carnal bride from the spiritual bride; and I will allow for the great divide, but a wandering season will declare it’.


The Church will say, ‘We are at the end what can we do?’

The Lord says, Nine years! I give you 9 years! 9 years of intercession without intermission; nine years’, says the Lord.

‘No longer do I want intercessions without boots on the ground. I will not allow you to pray, without putting your Esthers on the ground. I will not allow you to pray, without putting your Daniels, to give them a seat at the table. I will not allow you to pray, and not put your Josephs in place. I will not allow you to pray, and not send your fighting men down to the valleys, for whilst the hands of Moses goes up, there must be an army willing to go down. For I saw that there was no man to stand in the breach — I desire men in the breaches in 2021’, says the Lord.

‘For if you will not, then, you will be beating the air for 9 years. Nine years, and I can halt the spirit of the Antichrist; 9 years, and I can bring in the harvest, by raising your harvesters. In a year of chaos and confusion, I will raise them that know their God; and these will be strong and do exploits. Nine years’, says the Lord, ‘To beat your plowshares into swords, and your churches into schools of empowerment’.


The Lord says that, Your enemy will speed up automation. “Bankrupt! Bankrupt! We are bankrupt”, many will cry. Your economy shall be offset, “Impeach 46”, they will cry, “China, Ukraine, impeach 46”. China asset depose– A great betrayal– An emboldened BLM movement to show their true colors, and it will not be black. Censorship and banning of world leaders– A great push to police the internet, in the name of countering cyber bullying but really censorship in disguise. Draconian policies and unjust arrests; civil disobediences, and the shakings will continue. Many will say, “The shaking is at an end”, I will say, “The shaking will not end in 2020 or 2021. I will shake and shake”’.

And the Lord says,’ I will make you a salt; and I will be the salt shaker, until everything that can be shaken, is shaken. I will shake every manufactured thing, every manufactured Church, relationship, ministry, tradition. For I will build a house’, says the Lord, ‘A house not made with human hands. This will carry the seed of my revelation, and will prioritize it above bread and what satisfies the stomach. They will cry, “When will the shaking end?” And I will say, “When you are unshakeable”’.


‘This will be a time, where I will show that my justice is not delayed. I will raise up new parties, new wealth, new challenges; and for the great reset, there shall be a great awakening’.


Many shall say, “How the United States of America has become divided states of America”. But I will raise up sheep and goat states, sheep and goat countries. And there will be talks of secession and unionizations; ancient alliances will break, and new ones will be forged. They will taunt and jibe and say, “How the United States has become the divided states of America”, for a two-headed monster comes from your sea, and a new party forms from within. And an outcry comes up to my ears; and there are those who will say, “All is at peace, stay silent and let the healing begin”, but a war has already begun in the heavenlies, that the earth will feel and shake’.


The Lord says, ‘A new Deborah anointing is coming upon the mothers, to write the new homeschooling systems, families and disenfranchised neighborhoods’. The Lord says, ‘The first movers in this, I will bless and give the fat of the land’. The Lord says, ‘I am looking for a Deborah arising in the area of education, that can bring forth that which will be attention grabbing, yet deeply educational; tech integrated, socially integrated, yet socially safe; easily duplicated and franchised and secure’.

For the Lord says, ‘The one who will bring forth this, I will bless’.


Pray for Israel’, says the Lord, ‘Pray for her! For all her allies will shrink back; and the guard that was holding her will retreat. For a betrayal is on the horizon. A changing of the guard is at hand. Netanyahu shall be shaken, and there will be those who will push for it in the name of secularism. But if my church will pray, I will roar as a lion’.

‘Pray against a tension in Iran, for her people will cry out again, but her tyranny shall arise. Pray for her church, for her enemy is angry. Pray saying, “Touch not my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm”, for many will push for nations to leave the Human Rights Council and UN, that should not leave; and others will push for many to enter, that should not enter’.

‘Pray my bride and cover the breaches for my bride. This is the time of your awakening; this is the time’, says God, “to redeem. For I desire to give you more time, but now, the reset has come, and the clock is counting down. Many will say, “It is counting down to my return”, I will say, “It is counting down to a new ecclesia arising, a new level of persecution, new laws that will embolden those who pleaded for tolerance to become intolerant of those that tolerated them”. My bride, arise, for this is your testing place, and the way is narrow, for the swing is coming. “Socialism”, they will cry. “We want our dues”, they will say. And I will feed nations with what they have desired, but they will not know it will cost them their freedom. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. And this will be the split in my bride: them that hear My voice, and those that follow a stranger. The nations who have been taught to love Me, will fear Me again; and they will know the difference; for I will be feared among the nations, and I will call for the agreement of the remnant to bring my word to pass. Oh prophets, this will be your hour of testing, and many will decry you as false. But hold your ground; do not be dismayed, or I will dismay you among them. The nations will know chaff from wheat. Contend faithfully, not to be liked, but to be truthful and holy, and I will defend you, and deepen your reach. Your persecution will be great, but I will have my final say’, says the Lord.